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Trinidad Dwarf Tarantula (Cyriocosmus elegans) Care & Husbandry

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In this video I cover care, husbandry, and feeding for the Cyriocosmus elegans, also known as the Trinidad Dwarf Tarantula. All the husbandry in this episode also applies to other species of Cyricosmus. Featured in this video in addiction to the Cyriocosmus elegans, are the Cyriocosmus perezmilesi, Cyriocosmus ritae, C. leetzi, C. aueri, and the C. bertae. This includes handling, temperature, humidity, set up, enclosure, substrate, lifespan, and size for spiderlings, juveniles and adult tarantulas. I cover essentially everything you need to know about set up and taking care of your tarantula. This is the thirty sixth episode in a...
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