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Official Islamabad United Anthem - #RangJeetKaLaalHai

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AAN Leonine Global Sports presents In association with Dastak Official Islamabad United Anthem Project Manager: Ali Noor Creative Consultant: Adnan Sheikhani Artist: SochTheBand Composers: Adnan Dhool | Rabi Ahamed Vocals: Adnan Dhool Lyrics: Adnan Dhool | Asim Raza Guitars: Rabi Ahamed Bass Guitar: Melvin Arthur Flute Player: Baqir Abbas Melodica Player: Asad Music Director and Producer SochTheBand Song mixed Adnan Dhool at Sochstudios Mastered by Tom Waltz Video Produced by Filumbaaz Director Adnan Tariq AD: Abdullah Bin Irshad | Koyal Javed First Unit; DP: M Ali Assistant: Abubakar Focus Puller: Sohail 2nd Unit; DP: Zain ul Aabideen | Amad Somi...
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