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Seismic Uptick Puerto Rico & New Zealand -Frigid February Forecast - Corona-Virus Facts and Fiction

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Coronavirus death toll rises to 56, third US case confirmed: Everything we know https://cnet.co/2vfOrOr Will the Polar Vortex make an appearance in what’s left of winter? http://bit.ly/37ouDGV The heaviest snow is ending, but clouds and flurries stick around http://bit.ly/36rkw2I Snow, cold air moves into Central Indiana http://bit.ly/2GnY3sL Cold temperatures create beautiful ice formations across East Tennessee http://bit.ly/37tL7O6 GFS Model Snowfall http://bit.ly/2Glbcmz Remaining Unsettled in the Northwest; Storm Lingering across northern New England http://bit.ly/2p2GER3 Locust outbreak in Kenya is worst in 70 years: "Even cows are wondering what is happening" https://cbsn.ws/36p00jf Turkey earthquake death toll rises to 22, more than 1000...
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