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Patrice Roberts - Carry On (Official Music Video) | Pop's Guitar Riddim

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Sexy and Steamy; Grown folks business! A snapshot of two strangers turned lovers. . . Written by Problem Child Produced by Parry Jack of Jack Spaniard Productions Riddim - Pop's Guitar Riddim . . Executive Producers LORD EDiT PATRICE ROBERTS Director LORD EDiT Assistant Director TROUBLE PATRICE ROBERTS Production Assistants LEO ANTON SUMMA HOMER Camera Operators TROUBLE KENNY AJODHA CONCEPTS Drone Operators SPYDAMANX Editor LORD EDiT Actors PATRICE ROBERTS ROB CHRISTOPHER RILEY CHEYENNE SKYE SPOOGY THE BOSS JASMINE DAISY Makeup Artist SHAWNA Hairstylist TEAM MAGGIE Stylist PATRICE ROBERTS VANESSA GRAHAM Special Thanks To BARNACLES LEO DEXTER THOMAS DEMARCO [Subscribe]http://tiny.cc/SubscribePatriceRMusic |...
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