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HAVASI — The Road (Official Music Video)

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Challenges, trials, duty. Life itself. Being stationary makes you weary, yet it's hard to move. Are you going to move on or are you going to give up? Your choice. Success is right within your reach, you just have to realise it. Follow the road ► http://www.facebook.com/HAVASI --- Music: HAVASI — The Road Composed and performed by HAVASI Conductor, arranger: Peter Pejtsik Producer: Csaba Marjai Publisher: HAVASI Entertainment Ltd. Special thanks: http://www.hellenergy.com/ Music video director: Peter Graf D.O.P.: Peter Graf, David Hartung Drone: Tamas Pasztor, Gabor Tokodi Editing / colorist: Peter Graf Mix and mastering: Steve Baughman Music Production Director:...
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