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East Coast Express Timelapse at Sea - 2 Weeks in 10 Minutes across New York, Charleston, Savannah

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Follow my life at sea on Instagram @jeffrey.hk www.instagram.com/jeffrey.hk If you'd like to support my camera work so I can continue timelapse (this piece used up almost half of my D750 Shutter Life. Rain and camera also don't get along) please check out my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/YTJeffHK Two weeks of non-stop shooting, 1600GB - 62,000 of raw image files along with 500GB of rendered video files to combine into this piece. After transiting Panama Canal, our ship cross the Caribbean Sea into Atlantic Ocean and arrive at New York, Savannah then Charleston. The timelapse was taken over span of 15 days,...
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