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Nova Twins - Vortex (Official Music Video)

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'Who Are The Girls?' Debut Album Coming Soon!???? https://NovaTwins.lnk.to/WhoAreTheGirls Stream or Download Vortex now: https://NovaTwins.lnk.to/Vortex Follow Nova Twins: Listen: https://novatwins.ffm.to/listen Subscribe: https://novatwins.lnk.to/Subscribe Website: https://NovaTwins.lnk.to/Website Facebook: https://novatwins.lnk.to/FB Instagram: https://novatwins.lnk.to/IG Twitter: https://novatwins.lnk.to/TW Producers: Nova Twins Directors: Nova Twins & Harry Lindley Assistant Director: Jim Turnbull-Walter Drone Operator: Lewis Anthony Bennet Dop & Edit: Harry Lindley Art Direction, car paint work and wardrobe: Nova Twins Drums: George Mcdonald Nova Army: Mairead Campbell Izzy Khaliq Uzma VORTEX Amy Love / Georgia South You’re in the vortex now Flip the switch to distorted sound We are the underground Creeping in through the cobra’s mouth You’re...
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