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BABRU - Official Trailer 2 | Suman Nagarkar, Mahi Hiremath | Sujay Ramaiah | Poornachandra Tejaswi

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Presenting the Official Trailer 2 of 'Babru' Kannada Film Starring Suman Nagarkar, Mahi Hiremath, Sunny Moza, Prakruthi Kashyap; Directed by Sujay Ramaiah; Music by Poornachandra Tejaswi. Two strangers | Different motives | One language | An Epic Journey | BABRU Suman Nagarkar Productions & Yuga Creations Presents A YUGA CINEMA Babru is a breathtaking thriller about two strangers with different motives, brought together by a common language, and an epic road trip across the United States that takes interesting twists at every turn. Some journeys change destinies! This #Kannada movie is made by a team of passionate #Kannadigas settled in...
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