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What is VILNIUS? (My City You Know Nothing About)

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Thanks for taking the time to watch the video, you legend! Help me spread the word about the city I was born and raised in by sharing this video on your social media with the hashtag #ExploreVilnius. Thanks so much and... definitely come visit us someday! Learn how I started traveling full-time at 19: http://bit.ly/TravelingAt19 Free $45 AirBnb credit for your next trip: http://bit.ly/AirBnb34Coupon Get your Explorior clothes and join our tribe: http://bit.ly/ExploriorTribe Check out my travel food channel: http://bit.ly/EpicFoodChannel Catch me and meet me during my travels: http://bit.ly/MeetWithJacob Submit your ideas for a 'do good' campaign: http://bit.ly/LetsDoGoodTogether HUGE THANKS...
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