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Milo Na Tum - Gajendra Verma | Featuring Tina Ahuja | Official Music Video

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This recreation of Milo Na Tum will definitely make you hit the dance floor. Featuring Tina Ahuja, the song is sung by none other than Gajendra Verma, the music is recreated by Gajendra himself. The original song was sung by Lata Mangeshkar, penned by Kaifi Azmi and composed by Madan Mohan for the film Heer Raanjha. Credits Singer Composer Lyrics - Gajendra Verma Feat - Tina Ahuja Directed By - Aman Prajapat Produced By - Hitendra Kapopara Production House - Hitendra Kapopara Films (HKF) Associate Producer - Piyush Jain & Shahroz A Khan Supporting Cast - Roman Khan Cinematographer -...
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