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The official music video for "Flame" by Faspitch. Produced by: Tower of Doom & Faspitch Directed by: Tower of Doom & Faspitch Edited by: Aeron Matawaran Grading by: Aeron Matawaran Special Thanks: Nemesis Management Group, 8th Street Cinema, Glasstone Studios Performance Shots: Director: Carlo Perlas Cinematographers: Patrick Claudio, Franz Dimaano Drone Pilot: Von Bicaldo (Crazy Pilot Drone Rentals) Location Manager: Marvin Bragas Narrative Shots: Director : Andrei Antonio Producer: Angela Suarez DOP: Mark Antonio Camera Operator : Karl Montenegro Production Assitant: Cristobal Bacal Talent Caster: Mary Jane Calapatia Talents: Gemma Masas Nina Barri Mardy Martin Omar Flores Audio Recorded, Mixed...
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