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$400 Challenge vs. #1 Ranked Angler in the World Jacob Wheeler - SMC BeatDown 1

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MONEY on line and a lot of TRASH Talking in this 2v2 Bass Challenge. Me and Andy Young vs Jacob Wheeler and Andrew Upshaw. We travel up to Rainy Lake at International Falls Minnesota and take out one of the Rainy Lake House Boats for this episode. VC/Mac Hoover Check out Rainy Lake House Boats - https://www.rainylakehouseboats.com Wanna be part of TEAMSMC check out the shirts and hats - http://bit.ly/SMC_Merch Thanks for all the support! TeamSMC???????? ???? Follow me on FishBrain - http://bit.ly/FishBrainSMC ???? Follow me on Instagram - http://bit.ly/scottmartinIG ???? Team SMC Hats and Shirts - http://bit.ly/SMCMerch - Chef...
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