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El Jefazo - Simbiosis (2019) (New Full Album)

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El Jefazo - Simbiosis (New Full Album) El Jefazo is Peruvian instrumental psych that is loose, chaotic and totally mesmerizing. Guitars wail, scream, honk and soar above the busy rhythms beneath them creating a wall of sound that is immense and at times bewildering. Simbiosis is their new sophomore full length album. 1. Serpiente 2. El Hedonista 3. Pulsión de Muerte 4. El Daño Está Hecho 5. Uranai Baba! 6. Poltergeist 7. Drone Gato Support El Jefazo by purchasing the album here https://eljefazostoner.bandcamp.com/album/simbiosis https://www.facebook.com/eljefazorock
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