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RAUH-WELT Portland Build #3 - Porsche 993 | 503 Motoring Reservoir Dog | FULL SCREEN EDITION (4K)

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Akira Nakai - San returns to Portland Oregon for his third build! The car is a 1997 993. It has a Rothsport built 3.8 with upgraded gear box. Wheels by Vossen, Tires by Nitto, Exhaust by Borla, suspension by KW, seats by Bride, headlamps by The RetroFit Source. Paint and body by Sandy Auto Body. And of course assistance and preassembly by 503 Motoring. This is my first RWB build i have ever filmed! It is truly an amazing experience seeing a master artist create his art in person. He is one of the most modest and insanely-hard working craftsman....
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