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Erfix Bahtiar - Jaga Salatiga (Official Music Video)

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Taken from Album "Wajah Salatiga" Song/music/Lyrics by Erfix Bahtiar Mixing & Mastering by Putra Subono Video by Erfix Bahtiar Drone by Oecil Kritingz Edited by Erfix Bahtiar Prod.#Fixmeproject 2019 Upcoming Album Releases All songs in the album #WajahSalatiga are about a little town named Salatiga: its beauty, atmosphere, and people. To be released on July 17, 2019, all the money earned from the sale will be donated to one orphanage in Salatiga. JAGA SALATIGA Song/ music /lyric by #ErfixBahtiar Disini rumah kita, tempat tuk hidup dan bekerja meneduhi semua jiwa yang mendamba tenang selamanya Dialah Salatiga, satu nama yang takkan...
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