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Thalapathy Adhipathi Official Teaser - Think Future Studios | Vijay Immanuel | Enowaytion Plus

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#ThalapathyAdhipathiTeaser Presenting The Official Teaser Of Thalapathy Adhipathi Song!! Full Song From June 20th Evening 6:00 PM!! Produced By PRATHEEPAN THEIVENDRAM / Enowaytion Plus Singers: Vijay Immanuel ( EnowaytionPlus ) Shibi Srinivasan Lyrics: Vijay Immanuel ( EnowaytionPlus ) Composed By: Vijay Immanuel ( Enowaytion Plus ) Music Programing & Arrangements ): Velayutham Rajendran Recording Studio: Think Future Studios Mix and Mastering: J.C. Silambu Selvan (Btech,DSE) Cinematographer: Vaseem Ismail Associate Director: Ashika Director: Vijay Immanuel & Vaseem Ismail Drone Shots: Madras Droner Riyaaz Cuts & Effects: Ajith DI: Keshav B Raj For Promotions/Contact: vijaypc46@gmail.com Join EnowaytionPlus In Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IEiWBBJfINWJNdbvNlK8pw TAGS: ThalapathyAdhipathiTeaser,...
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