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Esperanza Spalding - Lest We Forget

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Esperanza Spalding "Lest We Forget" from the album "12 Little Spells" out now, from Concord Records. "Lest We Forget" (blood) sensation of gentle propulsion through one’s own inner/outer space, guided and tethered by infinite love For trusting that the flow of the personal circulation system is constant in providing the body (individual, family, community, partnership, profession, field, culture, nation, species, planet, etc.) with oxygenation, mineral and nutrient nourishment, and anatomy-based mechanisms for functional healing. Listen to 12 Little Spells: Store: https://found.ee/Esp_12LittleSpells_s... Spotify: https://found.ee/Esp_12LittleSpells_SP Apple Music: https://found.ee/Esp_12LittleSpells_a... iTunes: https://found.ee/Esp_12LittleSpells_IT Google Play: https://found.ee/Esp_12LittleSpells_g... Amazon: https://found.ee/Esp_12LittleSpells_A... YouTube: https://found.ee/Esp_12LittleSpells_Y... Follow Esperanza: Facebook: https://found.ee/Esperanza_Facebook Twitter:...
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