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Gallan Rab Di - Shot in Jamshedpur - Directed by Ajitabha Bose - Ft. RJ Abhay & Sukanya

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Gallan Rab Di is an original work of BDL Studios which is shot in and outskirts of Jamshedpur. We aim to show the world how beautiful our city Jamshedpur is, while giving our viewers a cute love story. Do hit like if you like the video and do subscribe to out channel. Producers: Amit Sharma & Deepak Sharma Introducing: Sukanya Bose & RJ Abhay Singer & Music: Kartik Kush Cinematographers: Bidhan Roy & Vishwajit Kumar D.O.P.: Basant Das Asst. Directors: Neeraj Kumar & Mukesh Gope Photographer: Monu Kumar Drone Shots: Mayur Sanghi Production Manager: Arvind Kumar & Sourav Prasad Editor: Vishwajit Kumar Concept & Director: Ajitabha Bose
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