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I SURFED MOUNTAINS IN NAZARE!!! Part 1. (The small day) | VLOG³ 87

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Join us for our first experience surfing Mountains in Nazare, home of the biggest wave ever surfed! Day 2 in Nazare with much bigger Waves coming Tuesday! (With Benni getting the proper Nazare experience...????????????) A million thanks to http://instagram.com/jokkesommer for inviting us and http://instagram.com/andreycarr for towing us into monsters I never dreamed of surfing while keeping us safe out there! Also thanks to all the locals for just being awesome inspirational human beings, nothing impresses me more than what you guys do! And special thanks to http://instagram.com/adrenalinedronesnazare for all the amazing drone shots! You are an absolute legend! http://instagram.com/jonolsson1 http://instagram.com/benjaminortega...
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