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Death Penalty - 2018

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SUBSCRIBE!!! ROSA ELEFANT PRODUKTION https://www.facebook.com/Adrian.B.Morina https://www.facebook.com/rosaelefant.produktion/ Presents A movie based on a true story DEATH PENALTY by Adrian B. Morina https://www.facebook.com/Adrian.B.Morina The ultimate wish of the convicted criminal, which shook everyone in the courtroom, in anticipation of the execution, asked as his last wish that the letter was handed over to his mother. The letter read: CAST Adrian B. Morina Criminal Rose-Marie Qwick Schönherr Mother Nabil Fakhro Doctor Nabbe Kenneth Lindhe Priest Friends of the Criminals: Sami Celja Patrik Persson Bekim Baki Behar Morina Prison guards : Sapko Sinani Suat Sinani Sebastian Lönnborn Hasan Al-batal Alejandro Laguna Arber Avdullahu Rasim...
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