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Festival of Colors - "Give Love"

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Festival of Colors Video Playlist http://bit.ly/10vHw92 Have you been to a "Holi" festival? Music by MC Yogi "Give love" iTunes link - http://bit.ly/17bIXyF FB page - http://www.facebook.com/MCYogi108 PICTURES - See all 200 http://photos.jarviedigital.com/Holi/2013-Holi/28731378_2LSRKx Aerial Footage Filmed with DJI Phantom and GoPro3 It's not professional quality but definietly fun and handy I've done some more videos about the DJI Phantom Here: http://bit.ly/YIB4bQ Utah Krishnas - http://www.utahkrishnas.org/ You'll need both my permission and that of the Utah Krishnas to use this video for commercial use. But we all encourage you to share it just for the love. Also check out Devin SuperTramp...
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