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Naihati Sohor Aamader Official Music Video

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''Sohor aamader Naihati Sohor Aamader thakbe pase chirodin e'' First ever song of NAIHATI City ATS Creation House present ''Naihati Sohor Aamader'' official music video... Concept: Supratim Lahiri Lyrics: Supratim Lahiri & Ayan Sarkar Song Composed by: Ayan Sarkar Vocal: Kumar Gourab Chakraborty & Ayan Sarkar Music Arrangement: Kumar Gourab Chakraborty[MEGA HZ STUDIO] Director of Photography: Dipanjana Bhattacharyya, Suchit Das, Supratim Lahiri Drone: Red Carpet Event Management Editor: Supratim Lahiri Produced by: Supratim Lahiri & Ayan Sarkar Music video by: Supratim Lahiri & Team #DreamProject #ClosetoHeart #ATS Stay wid us.. Keep Supporting us.. Like....Comment....Share.....Suscribe.... Follow our ATS CREATION HOUSE FB PAGE- https://www.facebook.com/ATSCREATIONHOUSE/
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