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Thai Street Food WATER FIGHT PARTY!! SONGKRAN FESTIVAL 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand!

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Happy Songkran (เทศกาลสงกรานต์) 2018 from Bangkok, Thailand! ►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: http://bit.ly/MarkWiensSubscribe ►T-shirts and caps available now: https://migrationology.com/store/ Songkran is Thai New Years (เทศกาลสงกรานต์), which takes place every year from April 13 - 15. It’s one of the most important periods of time in Thailand and the most celebrated holiday of the year. It’s a time when friends and family get to together to spend time with each other, eat, bless each other, and enjoy one of the biggest water fights in the world! This year I decided to spend the first day of Songkran in Bangkok,...
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