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A Video Letter to Bishop Robert Barron

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This video is the work of Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School students, alumni, and faculty. Student Directors: Sam M., Jonathan G., and Carlos C. Narrators: Jessica T. and Ben M. Cellist: Peyton B. Students in the Red Chair: Matthew P., Daryl C., Jonathan G., Autumn A., Mark G., Mary O., Peyton B., Eleni F., Claudia R., and Gerry F. Twitter Callouts: Matthew L., Matthew P., Gerry F., Joshua F., M'baida N., Claudia R., Kaitlyn S., Greyson B., and Dante B. Also Appearing: Nicolas G., Michael Z., Maryclaire H., Matthew M., Devin R., Jacob H., Logan V., Jayden R., Alonzo R.,...
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