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Why elite status can matter | Mega Trip Part 2 | Mileage Run SkyTeam

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facebook.com/monthlyescapes instagram.com/monthlyescapes twitter.com/monthlyescapes youtube.com/monthlyescapes www.monthlyescapes.com This is our second part of our multi-part megatrip debrief that allowed us to gain instant elite status with KLM. Flights 3, 4, 5 and 6 out of 18. The day was gruesome. Hope you enjoy watching. Leave a like and subscribe. Also comment on the video. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Want to go on a weekend trip or vacation more often? Book a cheap ticket searching for dates on google flights and use KLM's or Air-France's website to book. Alternatively, you can use an Online Travel Agency (Kayak, etc.)...
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