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Never has a PRANK backfired on me like this before! But a little venom doesn't hurt me... it only makes me stronger and fuels the fire! Elliot, just because you had a little scratch it doesn't mean I'm going to take it any easier... SORRY BRO! Subscribe! http://bit.ly/1TUsWWI Be part of the #Brofo's #Bae's. Team Brofo t-shirt: https://goo.gl/rHXk6X Team Brofo camo rucksack: https://goo.gl/QNwhKp Team Brofo floral rucksack: https://goo.gl/bQtoLr Filmed this video on Sony Camera: https://goo.gl/KRqpVY Sony lens: https://goo.gl/ktbtSu Canon Camera: https://goo.gl/o2exT7 Canon lens: https://goo.gl/85M74K Camera microphone: https://goo.gl/u4J6aX Smaller Canon Camera: https://goo.gl/6cLJa5 Drone: https://goo.gl/WRuv6e Smaller drone: https://goo.gl/79HkrH Follow me: WEBSITE: http://www.benphillips.com...
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