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Drone flies over WestJet's first 737 MAX-8 in Renton

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For the first time ever, the FAA has approved a professionally-operated drone to fly and film a 737 MAX aircraft next to Boeing's factory in Renton, Washington. The aircraft is WestJet's first Boeing 737 MAX-8, which is due to join the WestJet fleet soon. Thanks to our friends at Boeing and DJ & Company for helping coordinate this world-first aerial video session. Thanks also to Alien Cine for the expert drone flying. Watch a day in the life of a connection runner: https://youtu.be/MoJx-RaQY5o Watch Premium Economy for All: https://youtu.be/F9MVKlsGTl0 Click to subscribe NOW to WestJet: http://youtube.com/user/westjet?sub_confirmation=1 Get more WestJet: Follow...
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