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The Broken Guitar; "The Oud" - Ramy Adly - A Sense of Victory | رامي عدلي - أغنية النصر - عود ⚡

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While I was living in Hawaii in 2012, ????????I was very inspired to write this song which is about a man named Samson. He is known in the Old Testament by his strength, stamina, and his courage. This historical tale describes his strength and faith to overcome anything that stood in his way. Videographer: Darren Bailey Drone & Cameras @WebVideoImagery.com Utah, Slat Lake City. Mixed & Digitally Mastered at Salvation Link Studios, LLC By: Andrew Dawood Cairo, Egypt. 7S TV Production, LLC Film Editor: Barakat Saad Director: Zaidoon Khalid Washington, D.C. Composed, Performed by Ramy Adly Ramyadly.com This video is...
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