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Chicago: A Bird's Eye View VII - Summer in the City

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Licensing and business inquiries: info@soaringbadgerproductions.com www.soaringbadgerproductions.com Follow me on Facebook for recent pics and videos https://www.facebook.com/SoaringBadgerProductions Twitter: @hinklecolin Instagram: soaringbadger Available in 4K UHD here: https://youtu.be/n4A9o2iQubs Part 7 of Chicago in my series on life from above. Shot during the late spring/early summer season around Chicago over the course of 3 months from late April through June 2015. Watch as Chicago becomes green and vibrant with activity. See parts of the city rarely seen from above such as the Navy Pier ferris wheel and the weekly fireworks show. Soar above Mayor Rahm Emanuel leading the inaugural pack of riders as...
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