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A DECADE ON - Brian Morrison and The Western States 100

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GET THE BONUS COMMENTARY: https://gingerrunnerstore.com/products/a-decade-on-directors-commentary-track-w-brian-morrison SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/subGINGERRUNNER JOIN THE PATREON CREW: http://patreon.com/thegingerrunner In 2006, a young Seattle ultrarunner, Brian Morrison, attempted his first Western States 100. After running for 18 hours on the second hottest day in the race's history, he found himself in first place as he entered the historic finishing track,. Unfortunately, after using all of his strength to get there, his body gave out within feet of the finish. His crew helped him to his feet which ultimately lead him to not finish under his own power, resulting in a DNF or "Did Not Finish". 10 years...
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